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Clutch Kit 7.25" Ceramic Twin Disc + Flywheel / BMW 323i Coupe M52 E36 / U.S. model

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Clutch Kit 7.25" Ceramic Twin Disc + Flywheel / BMW 323i Coupe

Clutch Kit for BMW 323i Coupe M52 E36 / U.S. model

Original DKM product

Make: BMW
Model: 323i
Engine: M52
Chassis: E36

Disc Diameter in mm: 184
Hub SPLINE Diameter: 22,225
Flywheel Tooth count: 113T
Weight of Flywheel: 14,52
PP weight: 1,16
Disk Weight: 1.6 each
Shipping Weight with Box: n/a
Disk: TM2-862-A
Disk 2: TM2-862-B
PP Pressure ring: TM7-3
FW: TM1-3005-B

MR Clutch Kit

MR Twin Disc Clutch Kits are ideal for high-powered vehicles. Constructed of billet pressure plate for increased stiffness and no clamp-load deflection. The additional contact surface area provided by the two cerametallic disc setup and smaller diameter result in reducing the moment of inertia (Mol), thereby maximizing the engine acceleration characteristics. MR Clutch Kits are able to hold 650 ft/lbs of wheel torque. Each kit is comprised of a billet pressure plate, cerametallic discs and steel flywheel. Additional parts such as pilot bearing/bushing, throw-out bearing (are included when applicable) and alignment tool are also included.

- Recommended for high horsepower race car applications
- CNC machined components
- 184mm dual ceramic disc setup
- Rated for upwards of 650 ft/lbs of torque
- Chromoly steel flywheels


00-01 BMW 320I Touring w/M54
00-01 BMW 325I Touring w/M54
00-02 BMW M Coupe w/S54B32
00-02 BMW M Roadster w/S54B32
00-02 BMW Z3 2.2 Roadster w/M54
00-03 BMW 320CI Cabrio w/M54
00-03 BMW 320CI Coupe w/M54
00-03 BMW 325CI Cabrio w/M54
00-03 BMW 325CI Coupe w/M54
00-03 BMW 520I Sedan w/M54
00-03 BMW 520I Touring w/M54
00-03 BMW 525I Sedan w/M54
00-03 BMW 525I Touring w/M54
00-04 BMW 325TI Compactw/M54
01-05 BMW 320I Touring w/M54
01-05 BMW 325I Touring w/M54
02-05 BMW Z4 2.5I Roadster w/M54
02-06 BMW 320CI Cabrio w/M54
02-06 BMW 325CI Cabrio w/M54
87-91 BMW 524TD Sedan w/M21
89-95 BMW 325I Sedan w/M50
89-95 BMW 525I Sedan w/M50
90-95 BMW 325I Coupe w/M50
90-95 BMW 325I Sedan w/M50
90-96 BMW 525I Touring w/M50
91-95 BMW 325I Coupe w/M50
91-95 BMW 525I Sedan w/M50
91-95 BMW 525IX Sedan w/M50
91-96 BMW 525I Touring w/M50
91-96 BMW 525IX Touring w/M50
92-95 BMW 325I Cabrio w/M50
92-95 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
92-96 BMW 525IX Touring w/M50
93-95 BMW M3 Cabrio w/S50
93-95 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
94-95 BMW M3 Cabrio w/S50
94-95 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
94-95 BMW M3 Sedan w/S50
94-98 BMW 323I Sedan w/M52
94-98 BMW 328I Coupe w/M52
94-98 BMW 328I Sedan w/M52
94-99 BMW 328I Cabrio w/M52
94-99 BMW 328I Touring w/M52
95-96 BMW 323I Cabrio w/M52
95-97 BMW M3 Sedan w/S50
95-98 BMW 323I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 328I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 523I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 528I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW 728I Sedan w/M52
95-98 BMW M3 Coupe w/S50
95-99 BMW 323I Coupe w/M52
95-99 BMW 323I Touring w/M52
95-99 BMW 328I Cabrio w/M52
95-99 BMW 328I Coupe w/M52
95-99 BMW 328I Touring w/M52
95-99 BMW M3 Cabrio w/S50
96-00 BMW M Roadster w/S50B32
96-98 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52
96-98 BMW 520I Touring w/M52
96-98 BMW 523I Touring w/M52
96-98 BMW 528I Touring w/M52
96-98 BMW Z3 Roadster w/M52
96-99 BMW 323I Cabrio w/M52
96-99 BMW 323I Touring w/M52
97-00 BMW M Coupe w/S50B32
97-00 BMW M Roadster w/S50B32
97-98 BMW 323I Sedan w/M52
97-98 BMW 323TI Compactw/M52
97-98 BMW 520I Touring w/M52
97-98 BMW 528I Touring w/M52
97-98 BMW Z3 Coupe w/M52
97-98 BMW Z3 Roadster w/M52
98-00 BMW 323CI Cabrio w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 323CI Coupe w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 323TI Compactw/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 520I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 523I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 523I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 528I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 528I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW 528I Touring w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW M Coupe w/S50B32
98-00 BMW Z3 2.0 Roadster w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW Z3 2.8 Coupe w/M52/TU
98-00 BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 320CI Coupe w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 320I Touring w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 520I Touring w/M52/TU
98-01 BMW 728I Sedan w/M52/TU
98-03 BMW 520I Sedan w/M52/TU
99-00 BMW 323CI Cabrio w/M52/TU
99-02 BMW Z3 2.2 Roadster w/M54
99-03 BMW 520I Sedan w/M54
99-03 BMW 525I Sedan w/M54
BMW 325I Sedan w/M54
BMW 320I Sedan w/M52/TU
BMW 323I Sedan w/M52/TU
BMW 320I Sedan w/M54

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  • Car Brand: BMW
  • Item weight: 10,00 kg
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