Stage 3 300PS+ Turbocharger Upgrade Renault Clio 1.6 RS Trophy - Mitsubishi 49335-00911

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Stage 3 300PS+ Turbocharger Upgrade Renault Clio 1.6 RS Trophy - Mitsubishi 49335-00911

The maximum performance boost plug'n'play

Original Mitsubishi turbocharger fully optimized

This product is compatiblefor the following vehicles:
- Renault Clio 1.6 IV RS 200PS
- Renault Clio IV 1.6 RS Trophy 220PS

In a stage 3 optimization, we upgrade everything on an original turbocharger, which offers us the technical capabilities of state-of-the-art turbocharger racing technology. The result is a turbocharger that is 100% like the original turbocharger installed and gives you the maximum performance. Always, however, taking into account the perfect driveability. That response behavior and charge pressure build-up. Because what brings you a lot of power if your vehicle can not be controlled?

As in the Stage 2 optimization, we use a forged milled compressor wheel completely made of billet aluminum with a slim contour and extendet tip technology. The correspondingly CNC-machined compressor housing is in this case gap-optimized and also processed with low-flow processing. The compressor wheel performs better in a stage 3 optimization than in a stage 2 optimization, since at stage 3 the exhaust side is increased by us. Other upgrade vendors often offer unequal compressor-to-exhaust side ratios, leading to the opposite result in maximum performance and, most importantly, responsiveness.
The turbine housing is CNC machined and slit optimized to accommodate the larger exhaust wheel. In addition to numerous changes to the CHRA, backplate and bearing mounts to optimize durability, we also use a reinforced radial bearing and an enlarged 360° thrust bearing as in Stage 2.

Technical details:
- Base is an original Mitsubishi turbocharger (Part Number: 49335-00911)
- 300PS+
- maximum forged milled compressor wheel **
- Compressor wheel CNC machined in a slim design for maximum air flow with extended tip technology
- in-house CNC machined and gap optimized compressor housing
- in-house CNC machined and gap optimized turbine housing
- Bigger exhaust wheel original from MHI
- High performance wastegate actuator with increased preload setting
- Complete upgrade build up in house

* The performance specification refers to on the average of all experience of existing customers. As average values ??also contain higher values, we give the power a "+" symbol. Depending on the fuel, engine changes and ECU tuning, these values ??may not be fully achieved or exceeded.
** For the size of the compressor wheel, much bigger is not always better. We ?calculate the given turbo data with our software analyse programs and own experience, so that we then build a turbocharger with maximum performance, best driveability and durability.

Car Brand: Renault
Vehicle manufacturer: Renault
Turbocharger: Stage 3 Upgrade Turbo
Vehicle List
This product fits for the following vehicles (information without guarantee):

Renault > Clio IV > 1.6 RS
Renault > Clio IV > 1.6 RS Trophy