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Wastegate TiAL MVS-AR, various colors

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Wastegate TiAL MVS-AR / Various Colours

Motorsport version of the MV-S with inconel cooling fins

Wastegate For the toughest requirements in WRC and all other Motorsport series

Motorsport-level, air-cool assisted version of the MVS-A. Approximately 38mm taller overall than MVS. The MVS-AR uses a machined, Nitronic 60 finned heat sink/valve guide, and the lower thermal conductivity reduces the speed of the heat flow to the actuator, allowing the heat time to dissipate before it reaches that area. Works very effectively for engine compartments that do not have high airflow, and is also water-cooled. Due to material content, the MVS-AR has a higher cost profile and longer lead time, as these are made to order. Born in motosport, this wastegate can work in the toughest conditions and gives 100% performance in 100% of the time. It is the wastegate for many WRC teams.

The VBand flange connection makes assembly and disassembly very easy. The 3 upper and 2 lower air connections make the installation of pressure lines and boost pressure control very easy. A high-temperature design of the valve, valve casting, and machined-Inconel heat sink and the body is cast from 1.4550 (347SS) stainless steel to ensure longevity even under maximum load. The membrane is made of Nomex silicone, which is very temperature resistant and long-lasting. The spring in the wastegate is also made of high-strength stainless steel, which works reliably even at temperatures of up to 480°C. The spring is also made of stainless steel. The Nitronic 60 was used for the valve guide and finned heat sink to reduce heat, friction and wear. All other assembly parts are made of stainless steel. There are 2 different colours available and each MVS-AR comes with all springs for maximum flexibility. 3 lower and 2 upper connections allow flexible installation of the pressure lines without having to turn the upper part of the wastegate. Closing plugs for closing the open ports are included. The assembly is done with V-band clamps, which are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. The Wastegate also comes with Dash 4 (-4 AN) water connections to provide cooling for extreme racing applications. These can be removed if they are not needed. In the MVS-AR, cooling fins are installed between the upper and lower housings which dissipate additional heat even if the water cooling cannot be used.
Color: Various
Spring strength: 0.3 to 1.7 bar

- 2 TiAL Dash 4 water connections (removable)
- MVS-AR valve seat
- V-Band inlet clamp and flange
- V-band outlet clamp and flange
- 2 TiAL air connections
- Plugs for unused connections
- Additional springs

What you should consider with Wastegates

- small turbo + high boost pressure = small wastegate
- large turbo + low boost pressure = large wastegate
- the indicated boost pressure refers to the minimum pressure! More boost pressure can be driven with a steam wheel or clock valve, but not less!
- defective or cheap replica Wastegates can cause extreme damage to turbocharger and engine

Model: Wastegate
Color: redblack
Boost pressure: other
Wastegate: TiAL MVS-AR
Product weight: 1.00 Kg

Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R blue Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R blue
Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R gelb Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R gelb
Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R green Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R green
Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R red Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R red
Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R black Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R black
Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R white Spring TiAL MV-S / MV-R white
TiAL 38mm to MV-S adapter flange - 5%
TiAL 38mm to MV-S adapter flange
61,33 € *
instead of: 64,56 €
Block Off flange kit TiAL MV-S
TiAL MV-S flange - outlet
TiAL MV-S flange - inlet
TiAL MV-S clamp - outlet
TiAL MV-S clamp - inlet
Vacuum connection kit for TiAL Wastegate MV-S / MV-R and BOV
TiAL (air) port plug for MV-S / MV-R - 5%
TiAL (air) port plug for MV-S / MV-R
4,20 € *
instead of: 4,43 €
Water connection kit TiAL MV-S / MV-R Wastegate - 5%
Water connection kit TiAL MV-S / MV-R Wastegate
25,23 € *
instead of: 26,56 €
Wastegate TiAL MVS-AR - rot Wastegate TiAL MVS-AR - rot - 5%
Wastegate TiAL MVS-AR - rot
889,19 € *
instead of: 935,99 €
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