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Our latest products

  • O.S.T. Tuningbox Audi S4 - 357PS 1081,80 € View
  • Upgrade Turbo Stage 2 - Garrett 773098-0006 Price on Request View
    appr. 1 week delivery time
  • Upgrade Turbo Stage 1 - IHI VL5 885,67 € View
    appr. 1 week delivery time
  • Garrett GTX2867R Gen II Super Core 849894-2 1252,90 € View
    already reordered
  • Garrett GTX3582R Gen II Super Core 851154-4 1785,85 € View
    already reordered
  • Garrett GTX3076R Gen II Super Core 851154-1 1430,55 € View
  • Garrett GTX3071R Gen II Super Core 851154-2 1407,60 € View
  • Upgrade Turbo Stage 1 - Garrett 786137-0001 1261,87 € View
    appr. 1 week delivery time
  • Upgrade Turbo Stage 2 - Garrett 767378-0009 Price on Request View
    appr. 1 week delivery time

Products by cars

No matter if gasoline turbo, turbo diesel, electric, hybrid or asperated.
We have them all ! In our category "by car manufacturer" you find exactly the products that fits to your car.

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Not only online, also printed: The TZB catalog to browse thru.

In your garage, in bed or on the toilet.

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electro & hybrid

We are focused on the performance of the future already today. EV's and Hybrids are clearly on a succesful way. In our eyes it is only a matter of time until we will meet Tesla and Co at the racetracks.

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Besides speaking German and English you are native speaker or fluently in an additional language? Interested in cars and engines?
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Products for boats

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A lot of answers to technical questions can be found at the chapter "knowledge".
There you find several calculators and diagrams as well which help you to solve you technical challenges.