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Our Catalog 2018 ! Now available in english!

The catalog 2018 is out. A lot of new products, updated prices and more choice.

CANchecked displays, FIS-Control, new sensors, Owen Developments, Supertech, Athena, CP-e, new Fittings, RACEWARE and Deatschwerks are just a few. Discover the new tuning and performance innovations for upcoming season and be inspired for your project.

Only online? We also have a print version!

Just browse through the online shop is boring in the long run. In addition, "online" in the age of the mobile Internet is not really available anywhere.

For this reason we offer our product portfolio in a printed form. A catalog, which can be read anywhere. In the workshop, on the toilet, or in the bed. TurboZentrum parts reading everywhere.

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