What is TurboZentrum?


About TurboZentrum Berlin

In 2004 we started a small online business. By very many trade shows and events we have managed to work out with us a representative name. Meanwhile, we are the largest online store for turbochargers and accessories. We operate a retail shop in Berlin and offer a network of shops and companies, installations and other services, which exceed the mere trading for a long time. Unlike many small traders, we offer a very wide range of accessories, which we almost always lead to budget prices from stock.



Our customers include well-known tuner, workshops and clubs, which in Mile ¼ racing and the development of premium-class sports cars operate. Together with our support various record vehicles were manufactured! More information can be found under "Cars"!


Our warehouse

In the detailed view of an article you can see whether it is in stock. When ordering or receipt to 13h We stock items usually on the same day, so you get this via UPS usually the next day!
Unless your order items once should not be in stock, we will inform and if necessary perform free partial deliveries.


The most important addresses

Customer Service

E-Mail info@turbozentrum.de

Corporate clients

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