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Turbo-Service by Motorsport Experts

Due to your long experience in racing-turbochargers we know whats important. Our vast experience helps us to give you the most excelent TurboService on YOUR turbocharger. We garentee you to work more percise that most manufacturers and that 100 % is done by us inhouse on your turbocharger.

Examination Overhauling Optimization

Fine balancing Cleaning Injectors Ceramic Coating

Examination - First step

First we look at the condition of your turbocharger. This is necessary to make sure that the optimization is worth it and doable. Afterwords the Turbocharger is tested with special machinery and finally taken apart to examine every part. This includes visual inspection and measurements for wear and tear. When this step is done we contact you to tell you exactly what is the best options are.

our procedure

This process costs 69 € unless you overhaul or optimize you turbocharger. In This case the examination is free of charge.


Overhauling - transforming old to new

Manufacturers love to sell you a new turbocharger. In most chase they keep the old ones to overhaul them themselves. We offer you the service to take your turbocharger, replace everything that is worn out and make it as good as new. Everything is done to manufacturers specifications and only with spacial parts. After the assembly we fine balance the core and adjust your actuator (manual and electric).

our procedure

The price typically is 390 €

Other options?

We can do even better

Our turbocharger-optimization gives you more boost and longevity. Our upgrade can be done with old and new turbochargers. No matter if you want maximum power or reliability. With our our vast experience in motorsport we help you to get exactly what you want.

your options

Fine Balancing - our TZB Standard

Far more then standard. Manufacturers have a wide tolerance what an acceptable balanced turbocharger is, whereas we balance it as good as it can be. Off course this takes way more time, but in the end its worth it. The noise will be much lower and it runs smoother to makes your turbocharger last longer. This standard you should not live without.

our procedure

Cleaning and Matching Your Injectors

It is always astounding how much smoother the engine idles and how much better the performance is, just by having well matched and working Injectors. In motorsport its already a routine to check them regularly. Only if the injectors have a perfect injection pattern and a well matched flow rate racecars can perform competitively. We offer you the Service to test and clean your injectors (EFI and GDI).

our procedure

29€ per injector, plus return shipping

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating reflects the heat and is a good alternative to exhaust wrap, especial when space is tight. It is not only practical but also looks great and protects against corrosion. The color of our coating is black satin-matt.

our procedure

Examination Overhaul Optimization

Fine Balancing Injector Cleaning Ceramic Coating
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