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Future Developments

Performance optimization of hybrid and electric vehicles

How to make a Tesla & Co. faster?

TurboZentrum Future Developments concerned with the performance of the future. Hybrid and pure electric vehicles are here the focus of development. Taking into consideration the environment, dwindling resources and the technological advances that TurboZentrum wants to stay the performance supplier number 1 in the future. Therefore tomorrow with us now.

TurboZentrum Tesla P85D

The Tesla P85D is what currently constitutes the spearhead of electric vehicles. With 3,4s of 0-100km / h one can already speak of a rocket. Our first 1/4 mile test runs yielded a best time of 11,407s. Our goal is to make this vehicle an even better electric sedan than it already is. We'll keep you up to date.

Products in this segment
Of course, we already provide for our test car also to products. However, these are not to be found in our online shop. If you have questions on specific articles, please contact us at fd@turbozentrum.de.

Currently available:
- Lowering of Tesla Model S with air suspension (€ 149.00 incl. VAT. excl. Shipping)
- Forged aluminum wheels under 10kg in 21"(in production - VAT € 11,990 per set including shipping costs)
- Rear spoiler made of carbon or vehicle body color (Coming soon - price will be announced shortly)