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Garrett G25
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1/2 Mile, 1/4 Mile, Circuit tracks
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Turbos does not fit?
Superchargers as well
We do offer supercharger kits for several cars
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TurboZentrum Future Developments
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First source for engine performance
Since 2004 is TurboZentrum known for service and quality in products for engine performance and turbochargers. 
Finally a company which not deliver, install and configure allegedly anything from the light bulb up to a replacement engine, but has specialized in one specific topic – the increase in engine performance!!"

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TurboZentrum Service Pages
Injector cleaning
check, cleaning, matching
Full Service for injectors
Technik FAQ
Erklärung diverser Fachbegriffe rund um das Thema Motorentuning
Turbo FAQ
Technische Informationen zu Turboladern. Wie diese für ein langes Fahrzeugleben gepflegt werden.
Hobbyschrauber oder Quereinsteiger?
Praktikum, Ausbildung oder Festanstellung.
Wir brauchen Unterstützung.
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