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CANchecked | Automotive Displays

All values, all information, all features in one display

This is the slogan of the company CANchecked. This slogan is absolutely reflected in the current product range. Of course "Made in Germany".

No matter whether one uses the displays via Can Bus on his freely programmable ECU or on his original ECU or only the analog inputs; one always has all important values in view. The variety of configurations is unbelievable.

With the vehicle-specific covers, installation is a breeze. Here the display replaces the original ventilation nozzle. Or the MFA variants which are constantly being extended to different models which fit into the original speedometer like an original display.

Useful accessories such as switching flash modules, Haldex licence complete the portfolio.

Displays as integrated from the factory

Displays as integrated from the factory

This question comes up again and again. The answer is simple: "All of them".

1. Freely programmable ECU

A TRI file is required to operate the MFD28. You can download it from CANchecked at Downloads and copy it to the internal SD card. All with Can Bus are supported. This means that besides the ones tested by CANchecked, all others also work. Here the guys from CANchecked provide great support or you can generate your own TRI file via the online tool. You need either the DBC file from the ECU manufacturer or the documentation for the Can Bus protocol.

CANchecked makes it even easier with the Connection Guides. These are detailed instructions on how to connect the ECU exactly.

The Can Bus protocols are fixed in the MFD15. Currently supported protocols are: trijekt, Ecumaster can bus, KMS, AIM type 2, Megasquirt 2 and 3. If yours is not listed, please contact us.

2. Series ECU

  • VW/Audi/Skoda from model year 1998 (MFD28, MFD15, MFA20): For this the display must be connected to the speedometer Can Bus. The customer must have the appropriate circuit diagram for his vehicle ready, as there are far too many possibilities.
  • Vehicles from approx. year of construction 2008 (MFD28 via OBD2): The connection is made via the original OBD socket. A suitable wiring harness can also be offered on request. The values depend strongly on the vehicle. Standard values like rpm, water temperature, lambda value are always possible. Partially also charge pressure and MAF value work.
  • BMW E46 (MFD28): For this the display must be connected to the speedometer Can Bus. The customer must have the appropriate circuit diagram for his vehicle at hand.

3. Analog inputs

These can be used with all ECUs. It is possible to connect 4 sensors. These must generate a 0-5V signal or be an NTC sensor. For example:
  • Fuel pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Exhaust gas temperature transducer (Type K element)
  • Lambda controller with 0-5V output
  • charging pressure sensor
  • Oil temperature
  • Water temperature
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