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HD Pinless quick release clamp system assembly - 2" / 51mm - black

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HD Pinless quick release clamp Set - 2" / 51mm - black

VANJEN Alternative to silicone compound

Complete set for 50/51mm aluminium tubes

Vibrant Performance's new PINLESS HD Clamp features an integrated clasp mechanism with a safety lock push-button, replacing the old quick release pin. This new clasp mechanism is very easy to use and delivers a significantly more secure connection, while the safety lock, which is always set in the locked position, provides an extra level of security to ensure the clamp never pops open unintentionally. Not only do you get a more robust connection but you never again need to worry about a pin getting lost or malfunctioning due to debris buildup. As an added bonus, the PINLESS HD Clamp provides the installer with positive feedback and an audible click when properly closed. The HD Pinless clamp assembly package includes:

- Milled 6061 Aluminum Construction
- Two (2) aluminium welding rings (with O-rings)
- One (1) Union Sleeve (clamp)
- Burst pressure from 800 PSI / 55 Bar
- Resists up to 200°C
- Choice of blue or black anodized
- Allows angular, axial and radial motion to isolate vibrating components

size: 2" / 51mm
Color: Black

The Vibrant HD Pinless clamp assembly is currently available in 2" (51mm), 2.5" (63.5mm), 3" (76mm), 3.5" (89mm), 4" (102mm) and 5" (127mm) AD tubes available.

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