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Oil Feed Adapter BorgWarner EFR with Restrictor 0,7mm

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Oil Feed Adapter BorgWarner EFR with Restrictor

Oil inlet fitting with 0,7mm Restrictor

Required for high oil pressure

This oil feed adapter is necessary for all EFR turbochargers on engines with more than approx. 5 bar oil pressure in the full engine load range (high revs). This adapter is used when the turbocharger "presses" oil outside the bearing housing (f.e. oil gets under high load in the exhaust housing or compressor housing). Attention: Please check here beforehand whether the return line is at least one Dash 10 line without rejuvenation or kinking.

The adapter has the special M12 thread for the EFR turbocharger on the turbocharger side and a Dash 4/4 AN on the other side for the mounting of our self-made hydraulic feed lines. There is a 0,7mm hole in the adapter used for pressure reduction. For safety reasons, we recommend our oil feed line Filter , which contain small dirt particles in the oil and thus prevent clogging of the adapter.

Threads: M12 and Dash 4
Bore: 0,7mm
Key range: 13mm
Material: Aluminum red anodized
Fits at:
All turbochargers of the BorgWarner EFR series

What to look for:

Select at least one Dash 4 cable as the feed line. The oil return line must be at least Dash 10 or at least 16mm inside!

Which oil restrictor do I need?
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